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"I do it because no one else will. -and I'll do a better job anyway."

Still not dead by LASI - 07/21/11 @ 07:29 AM PDT #

Originally posted 2011/6/23:
FYI; I had some technical difficulties with the media computer. But that's been taken care of, so we're back! -sort of. There's some other, smaller projects I've been working on in the mean time, so the big stuff is kind of on pause for now. Also, our official YouTube channel, LASImediaproductios, is currently inactive due my not being bothered to create a google account just so I can log back in. You can still watch the complete episode 26 of Bobobo on it though, as well as some other odds and ends.

2011/7/21 Update:
I accidentally deleted this news post when I was going for the edit button; oops. Anyway, Toei DMCA'd our videos a year and a half after I uploaded them. Meh.

We're open! by LASI - 12/01/09 @ 11:55 PM PST #

LASI-chan is my way of holding myself accountable for my various projects, while allowing open and active feedback from anyone interested. The idea being that; while most sub/scanlation groups use blogs, I am neither of those. This is a solo effort.

That being said, I don't actually speak/read/understand any Japanese, so I will occasionally need some help. By using an image board, I'm allowing anyone to pitch in. You don't have to give out your contact info. You don't even have to join!

Also, given the size of my projects, releasing a single batch at the end is not exactly feasible. Some of these could take a year or more. If I start releasing things as they get done, I'll be more likely to keep going and, (eventually) finish.