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"I do it because no one else will. -and I'll do a better job anyway."

No Spam #

Helpful and/or relevant links are fine, but repetitive posting of links or begging for hits will result in a ban.

No CP #

This is not аnontа Violators will be permabanned. No exceptions.

No Furry #

Just no.

Subwars #

*Do discuss the pros and cons of a particular release.
*Do NOT start a flame war just because someone disagreed with you.
Instigating a subwar will get you a temporary board ban. Ban evasion to continue arguing will result in a site-wide permaban.

Irrelevant Images #

*Reaction images are allowed in moderation. Don't abuse them.
*Pic unrelated- don't do it. Text-only posts are fine too. Let's keep this place tidy.
*Don't post pics in a thread they don't relate to.

NSFW Stuff #

Please don't post shock images/rule 34 on project or work boards. Of course, relevant NSFW images are fine on the appropriate (blue) boards.